Friday, February 18, 2011

The New Confederacy-Part 2

Southern Hostiality
Yes, I just invented a new word.

Another issue I have with the Southern Nationalist Movement:
The claim that the Southern People are the last surviving remnants of some superior, old world moralistic society.
Proponents say that Southerners are THE people, something of a mix between Spartan warriors and Scots-Irish Reformers, who are probably descended from one of the lost tribes of Israel (which would make them God's chosen people too).

Everybody KNOWS about "Yankees". That's anybody from north of Kentucky and west of Arkansas. They all have a Bostonian accent, they're all Unitarians or (*gasp*) Catholics, they all love an oppressive Federal Government (which is why they all voted for Obama), and they all hate us and want to sacrifice our Southern children upon the Lincoln memorial.

The same people who so vehemently hate and mock the Northerners, would also whine about being the butt of every Foxworthy-esque redneck joke under the sun.
Is it just I who spots some contradiction?

I happen to know too many freedom loving Brothers in Christ from Kansas, Wisconsin, California, Washington and Massachusetts to agree with any moron who, geopolitically, lumps millions of individuals together as being under one banner.

In addition to this, many Southern Nationalists hold questionable Political or Theological views of their own, such as Christian Identity (a nice way of saying racial "purists") and Stonerism (proponents of legalizing weed) to name a couple, maybe Southern culture isn't as Moralistic as claimed.

The Heart of Dixie's Problem

When it comes down to it, our problem isn't hordes of invading Northerners and assorted Ethnic groups. It's not the loss of Southern patriotism and it's not even the Federal Government, the problem is we've all sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God. Yankee and Rebel alike are going to hell unless predestined unto salvation and brought to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.
Sure, statistically the South might have more churches and church go-ers, but the church has always been a huge social hub in Southern culture, so maybe we have more unsaved than we'd like to think about.

I agree with much that Southern Nationalists have to offer. States have a Constitutional right to autonomy through secession. The South is great, I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.
But when a group begins to claim themselves as the only people who can save the United States, or as the victims of a totalitarian plot, it's not too long before they're a legitimate cult.
And there's no such thing as a Theologically or Politically right cult.

Part 3 of this series will be a post from my buddy (and ironically, my cousin through our mutual Confederate ancestor) RG Miller.

Strength and Honor,


Madison said...

You scared me for a moment when you said that I'm a Yankee. But then you excused us! I'm from a state that didn't exist back then, so I am on no side at all geographically. Thus, in that aspect I'm safe. ;)
Great post, Mike. Us 'Rebel Yankees' are enjoying them!

Grace said...

Excellent, Mike! I got a "sneak peek" (Well, maybe not so sneaky... :) at Part 3, and I'd say between y'all, you hit the nail right on the head. I'm proud of both my cousins!


Jansen Reighard said...

Well, I just started reading this series on Feb 19. It is Awesome! Hey, I was born in Alaska, but I am not northern because Ak did not become a state till 59. Gasp! I was born in 98! But I live in Texas. HAH! And Texas is awesome!

The Miller Family said...

Even better than the last post! I'm so encouraged by the thoughtful, God-honoring words from the young men of this generation. The Lord bless you!

Mrs. Miller

Mike said...

Thanks Madison! Well, because Washington was mostly populated by Indians during the Civil war, that'd make ya'll Native Americans. Tell everybody I said "how". :P

Of course it was sneaky, you're the most sneaky person I know. :P Just kidding, I'm glad you liked them, me and RG are both dissapointed by the lack of negative comment though and thus lack of arguments. ;)

Thanks! And yes, Texas is awesome.
Tell Johnny and your brothers I said hey and I miss ya'll!

@Mrs. Miller:
Thank you! If it wasnt for our momma's, our words wouldnt be so thoughful or God-honoring. :)

Madison said...

*Choke* Native Americans????? US????
thanks anyway, Mike. I'm still a Rebel Yankee. ;)