Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The New Confederacy-Part 1

I want to preface this series by stating that these posts are not an affront to any personal friends or recent events. I have had unfinished blog posts on this subject sitting around my dashboard for the past 2 years, I've just had an urge to expound upon the idea of modern Southern Succession.

I am the great-great-great-grandson of a Confederate Veteran, a casualty of the war of Northern Aggression no less. I have served as delegate(of my dear state of GA) twice at the Southern National Congress. I like to tout my heritage, to wear the Rebel flag and to sing "I'm a good ol rebel" with great pride. I preach often about the true causes of the war, slavery was an issue Lincoln used to keep foreign entities from supporting the Southern Nation, my Nation.

There are personalities with "purer" heritages I'm sure, but even the progeny of Jefferson Davis couldn't accuse me of being a Yankee.

Therefore; I believe that I have as much a right as any to expouse a few short thoughts on problems I see with the Southern Nationalist movement.

"The South must rise again."

In my experiences with Southern Nationalism, I hear many call for a new uprising. Some advocate waiting for a time of national crisis, some for armed resistance. Both want the Old South back in a big way. Both want a preservation of our Heritage.
I hate our current, corrupt government, both of the parties in our two party system suck. It can become very tempting to crave revolt and bloodshed, especially after years upon years of unjust taxation's, unjust wars, unjust arrests and murders.
I'm sure many true Conservatives would agree, there comes a time when, as Americans and as Christians, we should take up arms for the defence of our family's and the good of the fatherland.
But if we shed the blood of tyrants prematurely in a attempt to break away from the Union, not only are we guilty of unjust killing, but we open ourselves up to the possibility of new tyrants under a new Government.

As the Rev. Mather Byles once said:
"Which is better, to be ruled by one tyrant three thousand miles away, or by three thousand tyrants not a mile away?"

Nationalist leaders play upon the emotions of youth. What red blooded, Georgia boy doesn't want to scale the capitol building and replace the current colors with the flag of '56? Which of us doesn't want new guardians for the freedoms our peers are supposedly dying for in Afghanistan?
Who doesn't want to take up arms like our forebears and smite down Yankees in our hometown streets?
But alas, our fantasizing is no different than when we played soldiers as children.

The "core" if you will of the before mentioned leaders are men between the ages of 40 and 70. They lived through the Vietnam Conflict, The Civil Rights Movement, JFK, The Cold War, the great liberalization of America.
The have just cause to be angry, but they have no right to call upon today's young patriots to fight and die for their personal vendetta's against the Federal Government.
In doing so, they are no different than the old men in Washington, who call for the deaths of other Southern boys for their own political gain.

The Old South has died. As much as we hate to admit it and as unidealistic as it sounds, the Old South is dead and has been for some time. We can't go back, even the shedding of blood and tears will not resurrect her, the only way our Heritage will live on is through our children. That is how we win.

Stand by for part 2.

Strength and Honor,


Madison said...

I enjoyed this post a lot, Mike! Keep 'em coming!

Mike said...

Thanks Madison! Will do, tell your family I said hey!


Powers Family said...

Great start Mike! Looking forward to the rest of the series!

Jansen Reighard said...

I have always thought that the the north was right (I mean, they both had their rights and wrongs). But for the past few years, I have thought differently.

The Miller Family said...

Excellent post, Mike! Well thought out and well said.

I believe I've gotten to see the serious, thoughtful side of you, and I'm sure you've made your parents proud.

Mrs. Miller

Mike said...

@Mom and Dad:
Thanks and I love ya'll!

You're definatly right about both having their rights and wrongs, glad you're on the right side of the argument! :P

@Mrs. Miller:
Thank you! Unfortunatly, I hide my thoughtful side under a bushel to much. :)

Johann said...

Excellent article. Keep up the good work!