Thursday, December 16, 2010

Spetsnaz Meets "Chic"

Once upon a time; there was a country inhabited by some of the manliness (though politically deceived) fighting men the world has ever seen.

Nothing says "I'm gonna kick your Fascist behind" like rank upon rank of mad Bolsheviks.

the Motherland showcases their newest Uniform. Designed by a "guy" who would've been stoned had he lived in Mosaic Israel, the new Uniform is referred to as "Chic" and looks more like something from a Prague fashion show.

Not that I've ever watched any fashion show...

Now the Peoples Army of the former Soviet Union reaps the benefits of their "gay" new dress:
Hundreds of Russian soldiers are catching colds.
I didn't think it was possible for a Russian to get sick?

I hope Putin has the freak responsible "disappeared".

Ugh, I need to finish this post with a manly video:


The Warrior said...

FASHION DESIGNER? Ugh, that IS unmanly!

Russian uniforms unable to withstand COLD? Are we INSANE?

Jared Reighard said...

I recently saw this video and I never made a comment on it. It is pretty interesting.

Mike said...

Fo real Jared? Where'd you see it at? It's one of my favorite Soviet music videos evar.