Sunday, December 05, 2010

A Much Needed Post

What I've been up to recently:

I've been doing some hunting, this is fourth of the five deer I've shot this season.
And yes, that's my Land Rover in the back.

Watching stupid youtube videos:

I've also been working some with a local Sheriff's Office and at nearby Feed and Seed, while simultaneously trying to get on the Fire Department in Phenix City AL.

Let's just say I don't really care for the clientele (and some of my associates) at the Sheriff's Office.

Please forgive the horrible lack of posting. Facebook is my main networking tool currently, but hopefully (now) I'll be able to keep blogging with some regularity. :)

Happy Kwanzaa Ya'll,


Chloe~Jane said...

That IS hillarious!!! Love it. :D

Tommy said...

Hey, nice to see you post. I had also fallen off the face of blogging, but much like you I have returned.

The Warrior said...

I want to go hunting with ya! I want to go hunting...heck, with anybody!

Mike said...

@Chloe Jane:
Yeah, I get a big kick out of it too. :P

Good to hear from you again man! I like the hat in the profile pic btw.

Come on down bro! Cali could have some awesome hunting, it's a shame that it's so screwed over politically.

Anonymous said...

Nice rifle, you look angry though. I would have a grin from ear to ear to be eating some venison!