Friday, May 08, 2009

Who's The Terrorist Now?

We hear daily reports of lawlessness abroad, of hostages taken, of property stolen, of innocents killed. The modern day media loves to broadcast every depressing tidbit of information they come across, with one exception.

When the current Government becomes the kidnapper and the thief, the media makes excuses for them.
The Government has imprisoned a teenager without due process, please check out this post by my good friend Son3, I'm in total agreement with him.

What's the excuse for this?

Something like "Oh, if they didn't kidnap that guy, innocent Americans might die!"
Yet, waterboarding fanatic Muslim's is terrible, even though we've extracted info that may have saved thousands of lives.

Personally, I have not really decided if I'm for or against waterboarding*, I just use the previous example to defend my point, that most of the media outlets win the "Sycophant of the year award".
But to return to the subject of this post.

The Government can now do no wrong in the people's eyes.
This is because the Government is viewed as perfect by the media, (the ones who tell the people what to believe). And why shouldn't they be viewed thus? They're both Socialistic.

Today, while checking my emails, I ran across this news story, which is the cause of my rant.

The Government is using Eminent Domain to usurp the rights of property owners, so they will own the property where Flight 93 went down.
They say they want to own the land to build a memorial, but let's not forget what happened the first time they said this.

The brave Americans on Flight 93 left their own memorial, one engraved in the minds of those who remember the aftermath of the terrible day.

"Down with fascism."

If those who died then could speak to us today, I'm sure they would say something like that.
They died fighting Islamo-Fascism, but today the Government is using their own poisonous concoction "to honor them".

Maybe it's just me, but if I had died in such a manner, I would rather be quickly forgotten than have a memorial, on land tyranically snatched from it's true owners, dedicated to me.

As the wise Dr. Ron Paul said;
“When fascism comes, it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross.”

Let's Roll,

*I view Waterboarding as really pushing the 8th Amendment, if not in total contridiction to said Amendment.


Son3 said...

Good post, and thanks for the plug!

I think I'm against water-boarding, since tortured people will generally just tell you what they think you want to hear.

Besides, the cavemen in the Middle East can't get to us, since they probably can't even find the U.S. on a map.

The ones we have in detention centers on our territory should be tried and either killed or, if found innocent, be parachuted back where we got them.

It's sick that they're taking that land by Eminent Domain. Jerks.

I'll be posting some more earth-shattering info I found on that Patriot Act atrocity soon.

Keep up the great posts!

Mike said...

You make some very good points, but I believe the more militant Muslims are smarter than we may think.
I look forward to your posts!