Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How To Make a Haggis

To all of you Scotsmen out there, please forgive the extremely poor Scottish accent.
I know y'all probably want to give me the backs of your hands.


Son3 said...

That's my favourite "Good Eats" of all time, and I haven't seen it in forever! Thanks for posting it!

P.S. You're right, he does sound a bit more Dutch than Scottish at times.

But, what's the difference to an Irishman, anyway? Bring on the colcannon! ;)

Stephen Boyd said...


You asked for it!

And we Scots are not that sloppy!
Oh, and another thing!...

Och! Wha's the use?
I do understand the bit about too many onions, though. Makes me shiver just thinkin' about it.

Seriously, though, Haggis is wonderful and, you'll be surprised, it does NOT taste like chicken.

Bria said...

That is a funny video! I was about to say don't let Stephen see it, but I see he already has. Interesting recipe though! One of my friends that went to Scotland said Haggis is very good.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike,

Hope everyone is better. Are you going to the Baker's Sat.? Talk to you soon!


Mike said...

No problem!
I've never had Colcannon (or Haggis for that matter) but I suppose it would be like mashed corned beef hash and cabbage.

I knew that was coming!
I didn't get the whole sloppy thing either.
I always thought that the Scots were known for being very fastidious, especially in the area of finances.

Yeah, that's what I was thinking.

I was not invited to the Baker's shin-dig, probably because they thought I might show everybody up with my "awesome" paintball skills.
JK ;)

God Bless,

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Anonymous said...

Well Mike, there are 3 of us going to the Eagle project board tonight. Thanks for doing this and setting a great example!!


Mike said...

Thanks for letting me know about this, I'll check it out!

If it were not for those same 3 guys laying down their projects months ago, I wouldn't be an Eagle Scout.
So thank you!

God Bless,

Stephen G. said...

I tagged you! (-: