Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I hath been tagged

My Sister Olivia has tagged me, she also informed me that I must do a post with 6 random things about myself or else eat my own cooking for a week.

Prepare to be shocked!

1. I have been mocked for being Irish multiple times.
2. Back when I played paintball, I was #1 when it came to Juggernaut.
3. I named my first Redbone after a character from the Andy Griffith show.
4. I'm working on getting the lofty rank of Eagle Scout.
5. I never wear shoes.
6. My favorite TV show is the original Iron Chef.

I don't really feel like taging anybody, but if you want to be tagged leave a comment asking to be.

God Bless,


Stephen Boyd said...

I would think, being in Boy Scouts and all, that your cooking wouldn't be that bad!

Never, EVER? My dad makes me wear shoes during the summer, but come fall time, the shoes come off!

Mike said...

I have only cooked a handful of times while in scouts, most of the time we eat hot dogs, MREs etc.

My elderly neighboor (who was afraid that I might step on an evil reptilian menace) once asked if I ever used my shoes, I said I did somtimes to which he said "When, to bed?".

Please be praying for me, my Eagle Project has really started to heat up and I only have a few weeks to complete it.

God Bless,

Son3 said...

You're right -- I'm shocked! ;)

Wishing you all the best in your Eagle Scout Project.

NottaLotta Acres supports you all the way.

Jeremiah W said...

My dad was an Eagle Scout.

Mike said...

Thaks Son3!
I'll do a post on it as soon as it gets finished.

God Bless,

Mike said...

Hi Jeremiah W, long time no see!

That's neat, as they say "once an Eagle always an Eagle".

Maybe we can meet up at the Film Festival or Acadamy?

God Bless,

Jeremiah said...

Yeah, I will be at the SAICFF and Academy.