Thursday, September 04, 2008

Scotland's Heroes

Hi Ya'll!

I'm sorry I haven't posted in awhile, we've had a very busy month.

Last Thursday we went to the Circa History Guild in Atlanta to listen to a couple of lectures by Dr. Joseph Morecraft and Mr. Bill Potter on the Military history of Scotland and the Reformation in Scotland.
We successfully got everybody into the van, then set off for Atlanta, the city where it's always rush-hour.

After reaching said city we promptly got stuck in a traffic jam, the first of three we would encounter that day. By the time we got to the Circa History Guild we were 20 minutes late, most of you who have a rather large family like us know how big a deal it is when 9 people show up simultaneously, thankfully though they had plenty of room for us.
It turns out that they had started later then they were supposed to, so we got to hear most of Mr. Potter's very interesting lecture on the Military History of Scotland, after it was over there was a brief break during which my family got to meet him (my sisters immediately recognized him as "The voice of Elsie Dinsmore"). I asked him if it was alright to film Dr. Morecraft, which he said was fine, so I set up my camera while Mom and Dad talked to some like-minded folks we had met that evening.
Dr. Morecraft's lecture was really good as well, I filmed most of it and I'm hoping to be able to fix the sound a bit before posting (I had to record with a mic attached to my camera, thus recording echos, footsteps etc.).
Afterwards I got to meet and talk to Dr. Morecraft about a few things, it was really great to meet him in person after listening to his lectures.

After that we began our journey back home which turned out to be uneventfully.
Unfortunately, our regular camera was "indisposed' and I didn't get any stills for this post, but fear not! I will upload the film that I have of the evening ASAP, but it will probably just be various parts of the message opposed to the whole thing (which was about 45 minutes long).

God Bless!


Son3 said...

I can't wait for the videos!

How long was the drive to Atlanta?

Stephen Boyd said...

Awwwww! You're making me so jealous!

Mr. Potter once said he'd never do ED again.

45 minutes? That's short, by Morecraft standards!

Isn't "the Guild" a fun place? I could spend a long time in there! Did they still have all the John Adams stuff in there?

Mike said...

Thanks for the comments!

Son3: Thanks, I'm thinking about possibly just putting the video out there as-is.
I'm about 100 miles south of Atlanta and it takes us about one and a half to two hours to get there, but in this case it took us almost three.

Stephen: I really wish ya'll could have been there, even though you had said that Ya'll wouldn't be in attendence I scaned the crowed just in case :).

What's ED?

Going to the Guild was a blast! They still had a good bit of the JA stuff which was really neat to see.

God Bless!

Stephen Boyd said...

ED- Elsie Dinsmore

I sooooo hate we couldn't make it!

Mike said...

Ohhhh, well my sisters enjoy it :).

So do we, but maybe ya'll can come to the thing at CHG with Teddy Roosevelt or Mr. Chancey?

God Bless,

Stephen Boyd said...

I'm not sure. Those Thursday events screw up my dad's work schedule.