Friday, May 09, 2008

The Widow's Might

Some of you might have recieved my recent mass e-mail in which I asked you to visit this site.

If not then here is the e-mail.

Hi Ya'll!

My good friend John from Texas is making a new movie entitled The Widows Might, Some of ya'll might have seen some of his previous films such as Bubble Trouble and Heartstrings (which is CBD's #2 most well-rated DVD, above the Kendrick brothers Flywheel and 2nd only to their epic Facing the Giants),if not I would really recommend both.

Please help in supporting John while he goes through the rigamarole of producing a High Quality Christian family film, sign up for the e-mail news list, and try to get 10 of your friends to do so as well.

One way you can also help is by purchasing a copy of Heartstrings, which you can do here.
This is great movie to watch as a family.

Attached is an email that John is sending out requesting support.

And those of you who receive this e-mail, and might have played a bad practical joke on me recently, if you get 10 people to sign up then you will no longer have to fear me getting back at you.

Here is a link to John's blog and the Widows Might Website

God Bless!


Dear Friends,

Our latest project, 'The Widow's Might' is now in preproduction, and very soon we'll be in full swing with the filming process.

Now is the time for you to support this project!

Our last film, 'Heartstrings', was a tremendous hit...
We marvel at God's richness in provision for us in that film, and the way it is touching lives. In just a few short months, Heartstrings won the prestigious Audience Choice award at the largest Christian Film Festival in the world, and has become the second highest rated film on all of; competing against 6,200 other films.

Now, HeuMoore is gearing up for it's biggest, most powerful film yet;
The Widow's Might.

Another adventure in the lives of the Siblings cast, The Widow's Might tells an important and touching story about an elderly Widow, and several families defending her most cherished earthly treasure. has a short promotional teaser with some facts about the film.

The Widow's Might is too big for us to do alone; we need your help!

Stay informed! Go to, and sign up for email updates. We need a solid email base of supporters, and we want you to be a part of the movement!

Recruit! Get 10 of your friends or family to sign up on the email list, and tell them about our success with Heartstrings. Forward this email to everyone in your inbox, and post this information on your blog!

Support! The cost of feature film productions is high, but you can support The Widow's Might by purchasing the Heartstrings DVD.
Father's Day is coming soon, and Heartstrings is not only a great film for your family, but is the perfect gift choice, with meaning and power.
Order it Here.

Be a Leader,
and help your friends reach their ten; the power of word-of-mouth is astounding, and is the key to reaching the world with messages of hope found in Christian films.

It is only a small inconvenience, but does a tremendous service to us as filmmakers.

Be a part of this movement toward God honoring films.

The industry can only thrive with your support!

Thank you!

~ In Christ, John.

Hollywood Delendum Est!

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