Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The lesser of the Evils

I think there is a problem with most of the homeschooling community, Ron Paul (even though he is running as a Republican and has promised not to switch) is viewed as a Libertarian and thus would not deal harshly enough with drug dealers, abortion etc. so they are going to vote for the lesser of all the evils, Huckabee.

Here are a few reasons not to vote for Huckabee:

David Huckabee.
The Quakers believed (I'm not saying I agree %100 with them) that a man should be judged on how well his children turned out, so lets take a look at Mike Huckabee's son David.
David was fired from his job at a Boy Scout camp after he and a friend found and tortured a stray dog. I'm not an animal rights activist but when someone hangs a stray dog, but not to death, then slits the dogs throat, then stones the dog the rest of the way, I call that SICK.
He is shown below (the one in the pink boa).

Some people bring up the fact that Huckabee was a Baptist Preacher, is this true?
Yes and no, he was a preacher, but from quotes I've heard, he is a "cheap grace" preacher in the manner of the contemporary church.

Iraq and Iran.

Huckabee plans to stay in Iraq, a move I don't support, neither does a fair percentage of the troops. He also wants a war Iran, why? I don't know, maybe he wants to bring about the rapture, in the war with Iran he said he would not be against using Nukes.

He's an oath breaker.

While Governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee had numerous grocery items charged to the Governor's Mansion and tried to take furniture from the same place when he left. He raised taxes because he said the court told him to, but happened to be video taped asking the legislature for the same taxes.

Vote for him if you dare.


Son of Scotland said...

Merry Christmas!

Mike said...

Thanks Son of Scotland,
Hope to see Ya'll soon
Merry Christmas! said...

Interesting perspective. I think he's done in this race.

Jeremiah said...

I've talked to his son, I was going to ask him about the dog incident, but I ended up not doing so.

Mike said...

Wow, that's neat.
If you get a chance to talk to him about it again, ask him to tell you the Scout oath, then ask him how he squared that with the dog thing.

I think it's good that Huckabee didn't get the nomination, McCain made the Republicans look bad but Huckabee would have made Republicans and Christians look bad.

It's a real shame that most Reps. were so anti Ron Paul, he would have been PERFECT because he was the only one with a comprehensive plan to fix our economic woes, he could have used that to seriously put a hurting on Obama.
I'll take a Libertarian over a Socialist any ol' day.

Sorry about the rant:).

BTW, I'm looking forward to seeing you new website!
Thanks for the comment!

God Bless,