Monday, September 10, 2007

Counter Attack

Well, I just read a really good book called Outside Hollywood, by Mr. Issac Botkin.

It's an very interesting book about what the mentality of Christian Filmmakers ought to be, challenging us to make sure our theological facts are straight before even thinking about making a movie.

He also shows what a bunch of narcissistic Marxist blow-hards, Hollywood actors, writers, and producers are.

Another important point he makes is not to sell to Hollywood, they might give you money for a good script, but they will tweak it for sure if it has any Christian value in it. He has a quote in the book from a well known Hollywood actor who said that in Hollywood, "They'll give you $40,000 for a kiss but only a dime for your soul."

I highly recomend this book, even if you are not interested in filmaking.

Semper Fi.


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