Friday, September 22, 2006

Bailing Hay.

Me and Dad went to help Mr. Kendrick today, He's a real good friend of ours,
anyway he had a great big ol' field to bail today, and right as we got there his hydraulic pump burst.
Needless to say he weren't to happy, the bailer (which he says will set a preacher to cussin',) is about as old as my Dad, and the only way to get the field done today before it rained was to buy a bunch of hydraulic oil and load er' up.

One small problem, the nearest place to buy the type of oil we neede was about 30 minutes away, and the rain was only two hours and a half away.
only one thang to do, Dad was gonna have to go get the oil, while I used the hay raker.
I have never been on one of them things in all my life other than riding on them, but I glad that I was able to hold out till Dad got back with the oil.

It might be awhile till I can post again, my arms are sunburned so bad, they're as red as my hair.

I took this picture of my Redbone when I was 12, figured Ya'll would like it.


4x4DixieBoy said...

Excellent photograph, M'lad!

A Son of Scotland

Mike said...

Thanks Bro!

Anonymous said...

Would Mr. Kendric be the same as Stephen Kendric who produced "Facing the Giants"?


Mike said...

no unfortunately.
though it would make a good blogpost to be able to say I bale hay with the Kendric brothers :)

JW said...

Yeah that would be cool. :-P