Sunday, August 06, 2006

You might be a liberal

If you were to take a vacation to Cuba, and then say it was like a breath of fresh air, you might be a Liberal.

If you cry when you think about Kerry losing the campaign, most people would agree your a liberal.

If you drive a electric or solar powered car, your either a nut or a liberal, (they're both the same).

If you talk about the social revolution in positive terms, you are either:
A. A liberal
B. Someone who attends public school or
C. Someone who the F.B.I. is watching night and day.

If any of these fit you, vote the for the Constitution Canidate next election, and save yourself from the utter stupidty of being a Liberal.


Anonymous said...

La Quinta means "The House" in Spanish.


Anonymous said...

Oops...wrong post I commented on. :P


Anonymous said...

You might also be a Liberal if Al Gore's film is on your "top 10 movies" list. :p

It was nice meeting you at the SAICFF.


Mike said...

It was good to meet you also:)

Semper Fi!