Monday, August 07, 2006


People just don't enjoy music anymore, I mean think about what modern music sounds like, to me it sounds like someone spiting into a microphone.

I try to be a good witness to my friends but they just turn the "music"up louder, and soon they're doing this little dance like they've got ants in their shoes.
How did we come so far in so little time?
Only one hundred years have passed from the victorian era, and now everybody is into hip hop and rap, how did that happen?

It's not only that my friends like this stuff that bugs me, it's that if you say you like celtic music they give you a look that says what planet did you come from?
Maybe I'm overeacting, but I'm tired of just driving down the road and thinking my exahust is backfiring, and turns out someone just has their beloved music on.

Music, good and bad, is identity, you are what you eat.


Anonymous said...

Well I must say that I am not a fan of Celtic music...but I am no fan of the other music you discribed. It is irritating when you are sleeping and someone drives past your house and you can hear the subwoofers a mile away. Classical and orchistra music is what I like.


Mike said...

Classical and orchistra music is very good, I happen to like the Soundtrack from Gods and Generals.

Anonymous said...

Ooohh! I loved that music...I think. I don't remember if it had a deep impression on me...but I think I really liked it.

Congradulations on killing the buck!


Mike said...


Yes the score from Gods and Generals was done very well.

Maybe they should have a
contest for best musical score at the next SAICFF.