Tuesday, August 08, 2006

La Quinta, Spanish for bad maid.

Here I am in San Antonio for the Entrepreneurial bootcamp, finally.
We left this morning at 4:28 and drove all day, only two breaks on the whole trip.
Needless to say, I was looking forward to the hotel, (we stayed in the same one last year at the SAICFF convention), we got here at 8:45pm, went to our room and found it looking like a dog house. So we tried another room on the same floor, and found that one in the same condition.
After calling every other hotel in town to no avail, we decided we would try one more room, thankfully this room is ten times better then the others.

And now a song, sung to the tune of The Patriot game.

Now as I sit here, my back all in knots,
I type on my blog and set up my cot,
and I wish my computer would use DSL,
I hope we dont have to switch hotels.

Well I guess that's about it.




John Moore said...

Hey Mike, I'm looking forward to the Entrepreneurial Bootcamp! We need to be sure to trade email addresses and get some pictures.

My brother David is looking forward to meeting with you.

Anonymous said...

La Quinta is Espanol (Spanish) for "The House".


Mike said...

si amigo!