Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The day the Bobcat went bizerk

Last year, sometime in August,
Dad had some people over looking at his model-H Farmall.

While he was visiting with the older gentleman interested in buying it,
we heard the chickens start cackling and screaming,
fearing that my hound, (who was expecting puppies then and as slow as a slug)
was attempting to catch an old hen, I turned around and ran.

Just as I got to the coop I saw a hulk of a animal walking into the woods.
Turning around I saw my hound, and all of the other dogs,
staring at me like I was crazy.

I realized I had just witnessed a hit and run, bobcat style.

After throwing off my over-shirt in the doorway and grabbing my 22LR,
I ran out the backdoor,

No luck.

The culprit had already vanished into the woods,
and I wasn't about to go in there with him.

That December, me and Dad went deer hunting,
we had just bought a new bleat call that I was wielding.

As I preparing to blow on it for one of the first times
I decided to pray for God's Blessing on it, which I did.
After blowing it and waiting a moment, I heard a crashing in the woods next to us,
Dad told me to shoot it as soon as it came into sight.

What came into sight was 47 pounds of trouble, complete with tufted ears.

Dad looked fairly surprised, but gave me the nod anyway.

Looking down the sights I set right between the eyes and pulled the trigger.

CRACK! Nothing.

The Bobcat looked at me and then at Dad, I re-bolted, aimed, and just as I pulled the trigger,

BOOM!!!! Dad slugged him.

I close with a quote from The Ghost and the Darkness:

If you want to see the lions now, you will have to go to America.
Even now if you dare lock eyes with him, you will be afraid.

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Anonymous said...

nice picture Mikey! Love, Emmy.