Thursday, October 20, 2011

Today's Words of Wisdom

"What is best in life?"

"To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women!"

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Vae Victis

I've been feeling this song a lot lately. A big factor being because we got him.

"The administration of justice is the firmest pillar of government."
-George Washington

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The New Confederacy-Part 3-By RG Miller

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Friends, Southrons, and Compatriots,

I would like to write today, at the request of a good friend of mine, on a subject that I deem important to all those who read this blog.
This issue, is the modern day Southern Nationalist movement.

First, I shall lay some background.

Southron blood runs deep in my veins, my kin have been here since the late 1600s, and there has not been a legitimate war fought to defend Southern Soil that a relative of mine has not fought in.

If Paul could say he was “a Hebrew of the Hebrews” then I can surely say that I am a ‘Southron of the Southrons, concerning zeal, bringing vengeance upon the Yankees: touching my Scots-Irish heritage, and knowledge and love of the Southern people and cause, unmatched”. I have served my time as an adamant, Southern nationalist since I was 14 years old. I was a dues paying member of the League of the South, have met many of the Southern nationalist leaders personally, and am currently an Arkansas delegate to the Southern National Congress.

Like any good, testosterone induced young Southern nationalist, my goal in life was to climb the Florida (my home state) capitol building, tear down the yankee flag, replace it with the 3rd National flag, and “make my stand” shooting federal troops with my AR-15.
I walked the walk, and talked the talk. Been there, done that, got the ammo boxes to prove it.

However, the Lord in His mercy and Grace refuse to leave me in this state, He regenerated my heart, and instilled in my heart a love for Him that made my love for the South pale in comparison. To use Paul’s word’s, I counted it as loss, and it became as dung compared to the excellency of Christ.

This is in no way to say that 99% of the people in the Southern movement are not God-fearing Christians, who love the Lord. That was not my case however, the South was my idol, and the LoS was my church.

I know that most of the people reading this are Christians, that is why I am writing this, because I desire to see Christ’s church worship Him in spirit and in truth.

Brethren, when I hear talk of the “necessity of Southern secession”, of “fighting and dying for the freedom of our people”, of “the Godly South breaking away from the godless north, and forming a Geneva-like new CSA. When I hear about “unique, distinct Southern culture, that is superior to the northern culture”, I think to my self, no offense intended, ARE THESE PEOPLE INSANE?

Fellow Southrons, I don’t care if the Declaration of Arbroath does support your claim that the Southern people are descended from Israel, I don’t care about your statistics concerning religion and voting results. The South is as ungodly, un-regerate, pagan, anti-Christian a place as the yankee godless Unitarian north. Bible belt Christianity mocks the Holy name of Christ. The majority of Southern preachers preach a false gospel, and the few that preach Christ in truth, are so doctrinally flawed that ecclesiastical collapse is in-evitable in the time of a generation or two.

All this is not even to mention the despicable way in which many Southern professing Christians talk about, and treat, their northern brothers and sisters in Christ. I would rather be with a reformed northern Christian, than a “moral” Bible Belt Southerner. I will not give some pathetic spill about how “America must stay united”, I personally couldn’t care less if America fell tomorrow. However, I will not stand idly by as people slander by brothers and sisters in Christ, because of their place of birth. Am I the only one who smells NT judaizers in this whole deal?

What the world, what “america” (and yes I hate that word as much as you do), and what the South needs is not a free and independent republic of sovereign Southern states. What we need is the gospel. We need the whole counsel of God preached from the pulpits. We need serious, reformed truths to once again take hold of our churches. And more than all this combined, we need a true, spirit induced revival, that will save souls, and bring men under the Lordship of Christ.

I am sorry, but even if the South were to secede tomorrow, and the legislatures embrace “nullification and interposition”, then there would be NO CHANGE TO SPEAK OF. What exists now, is not a godly wonderful Southern people, being persecuted by Washington D.C. and oppressed, that only needs a chance for freedom.

What we have are ungodly wicked people, who live like the devil all week, go to church on Sunday, watch the game afterwards, and base their assurance on a false prayer some well-intentioned preacher walked them through after a scheduled, emotion based “revival” and alter call.

If secession were to happen, we would be in the same place as america, once the momentum from our godly, reformed Presbyterian forbears wore off. This would take maybe one generation, and seeing how bad we are now, maybe less.
So, this all leads to an obvious question. We as servants of the one true God, are called to advance His kingdom on the earth, and “occupy until he comes”. How are we to do this?

I assure you the answer is not secede from the union. The answer is this:

We have the most beautiful, wonderful, and effective tool for cultural change, and a command by God to use it. He, at His good pleasure, blesses our efforts and uses the means of His children to draw sinners unto Himself. Friends, why do we, and how can we waste our time seeking political salvation???

This is in no way becoming of those called by the name of Christ.

Bring up your covenant children in the ways of God, seek to serve in and grow your Church, and by all means if you are a nomad that has problems with church authority, get serious about the Christian life and find a body of believers to assemble with. Bloody your knees in prayer for your children, your church, your state, your nation. Pray for revival, but not just in the South, pray that the gospel would subdue all people and nations, and cause them to serve Christ! Cry out to the Lord to sanctify you, to make us a Holy people, set apart, redeemed from our sins.

This is how God chooses to effect real change, people.

Christ did not die to liberate us from the yankee invader, he did not die to insure our state sovereignty.

Christ died for His church, emptied the cup of God’s wrath towards them, and rose again the third day and sitteth on the right hand of God the Father. He did this so that we may be free, not from Washington, but from the sins that so easily beset us. We are not commanded to “fight and die for our rights” even if that makes our skin get goose bumps, and makes us get all excited to think about it.
We are commanded to show forth the image of Christ, to worship God and enjoy Him forever, and to preach Christ crucified.

I don’t know about you, fellow Christian, but the Southern cause is DUNG compared to the excellencies of Christ. I do not have the time nor the energy to waste in devotion to something that detracts from the Gospel, rests upon false presuppositions, and will not advance Christ’s kingdom.

I love the Lord too much, and desire to see Him worshipped too much to spend my time arguing the cause for Southern secession, and trying to establish a new CSA.

Anyhow, I hope this does not cause offense, and I love y’all dearly, but I love you too much not to speak these truths. I hope this caused you to think, and re-consider your priorities and focus in life.

For the Crown Rights of King Jesus:

Deo Vindice.
Soli Deo Gloria.
In Christ’s Service,
R.G. Miller

Friday, February 18, 2011

The New Confederacy-Part 2

Southern Hostiality
Yes, I just invented a new word.

Another issue I have with the Southern Nationalist Movement:
The claim that the Southern People are the last surviving remnants of some superior, old world moralistic society.
Proponents say that Southerners are THE people, something of a mix between Spartan warriors and Scots-Irish Reformers, who are probably descended from one of the lost tribes of Israel (which would make them God's chosen people too).

Everybody KNOWS about "Yankees". That's anybody from north of Kentucky and west of Arkansas. They all have a Bostonian accent, they're all Unitarians or (*gasp*) Catholics, they all love an oppressive Federal Government (which is why they all voted for Obama), and they all hate us and want to sacrifice our Southern children upon the Lincoln memorial.

The same people who so vehemently hate and mock the Northerners, would also whine about being the butt of every Foxworthy-esque redneck joke under the sun.
Is it just I who spots some contradiction?

I happen to know too many freedom loving Brothers in Christ from Kansas, Wisconsin, California, Washington and Massachusetts to agree with any moron who, geopolitically, lumps millions of individuals together as being under one banner.

In addition to this, many Southern Nationalists hold questionable Political or Theological views of their own, such as Christian Identity (a nice way of saying racial "purists") and Stonerism (proponents of legalizing weed) to name a couple, maybe Southern culture isn't as Moralistic as claimed.

The Heart of Dixie's Problem

When it comes down to it, our problem isn't hordes of invading Northerners and assorted Ethnic groups. It's not the loss of Southern patriotism and it's not even the Federal Government, the problem is we've all sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God. Yankee and Rebel alike are going to hell unless predestined unto salvation and brought to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.
Sure, statistically the South might have more churches and church go-ers, but the church has always been a huge social hub in Southern culture, so maybe we have more unsaved than we'd like to think about.

I agree with much that Southern Nationalists have to offer. States have a Constitutional right to autonomy through secession. The South is great, I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.
But when a group begins to claim themselves as the only people who can save the United States, or as the victims of a totalitarian plot, it's not too long before they're a legitimate cult.
And there's no such thing as a Theologically or Politically right cult.

Part 3 of this series will be a post from my buddy (and ironically, my cousin through our mutual Confederate ancestor) RG Miller.

Strength and Honor,

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The New Confederacy-Part 1

I want to preface this series by stating that these posts are not an affront to any personal friends or recent events. I have had unfinished blog posts on this subject sitting around my dashboard for the past 2 years, I've just had an urge to expound upon the idea of modern Southern Succession.

I am the great-great-great-grandson of a Confederate Veteran, a casualty of the war of Northern Aggression no less. I have served as delegate(of my dear state of GA) twice at the Southern National Congress. I like to tout my heritage, to wear the Rebel flag and to sing "I'm a good ol rebel" with great pride. I preach often about the true causes of the war, slavery was an issue Lincoln used to keep foreign entities from supporting the Southern Nation, my Nation.

There are personalities with "purer" heritages I'm sure, but even the progeny of Jefferson Davis couldn't accuse me of being a Yankee.

Therefore; I believe that I have as much a right as any to expouse a few short thoughts on problems I see with the Southern Nationalist movement.

"The South must rise again."

In my experiences with Southern Nationalism, I hear many call for a new uprising. Some advocate waiting for a time of national crisis, some for armed resistance. Both want the Old South back in a big way. Both want a preservation of our Heritage.
I hate our current, corrupt government, both of the parties in our two party system suck. It can become very tempting to crave revolt and bloodshed, especially after years upon years of unjust taxation's, unjust wars, unjust arrests and murders.
I'm sure many true Conservatives would agree, there comes a time when, as Americans and as Christians, we should take up arms for the defence of our family's and the good of the fatherland.
But if we shed the blood of tyrants prematurely in a attempt to break away from the Union, not only are we guilty of unjust killing, but we open ourselves up to the possibility of new tyrants under a new Government.

As the Rev. Mather Byles once said:
"Which is better, to be ruled by one tyrant three thousand miles away, or by three thousand tyrants not a mile away?"

Nationalist leaders play upon the emotions of youth. What red blooded, Georgia boy doesn't want to scale the capitol building and replace the current colors with the flag of '56? Which of us doesn't want new guardians for the freedoms our peers are supposedly dying for in Afghanistan?
Who doesn't want to take up arms like our forebears and smite down Yankees in our hometown streets?
But alas, our fantasizing is no different than when we played soldiers as children.

The "core" if you will of the before mentioned leaders are men between the ages of 40 and 70. They lived through the Vietnam Conflict, The Civil Rights Movement, JFK, The Cold War, the great liberalization of America.
The have just cause to be angry, but they have no right to call upon today's young patriots to fight and die for their personal vendetta's against the Federal Government.
In doing so, they are no different than the old men in Washington, who call for the deaths of other Southern boys for their own political gain.

The Old South has died. As much as we hate to admit it and as unidealistic as it sounds, the Old South is dead and has been for some time. We can't go back, even the shedding of blood and tears will not resurrect her, the only way our Heritage will live on is through our children. That is how we win.

Stand by for part 2.

Strength and Honor,

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Spetsnaz Meets "Chic"

Once upon a time; there was a country inhabited by some of the manliness (though politically deceived) fighting men the world has ever seen.

Nothing says "I'm gonna kick your Fascist behind" like rank upon rank of mad Bolsheviks.

the Motherland showcases their newest Uniform. Designed by a "guy" who would've been stoned had he lived in Mosaic Israel, the new Uniform is referred to as "Chic" and looks more like something from a Prague fashion show.

Not that I've ever watched any fashion show...

Now the Peoples Army of the former Soviet Union reaps the benefits of their "gay" new dress:
Hundreds of Russian soldiers are catching colds.
I didn't think it was possible for a Russian to get sick?

I hope Putin has the freak responsible "disappeared".

Ugh, I need to finish this post with a manly video:

Sunday, December 05, 2010

A Much Needed Post

What I've been up to recently:

I've been doing some hunting, this is fourth of the five deer I've shot this season.
And yes, that's my Land Rover in the back.

Watching stupid youtube videos:

I've also been working some with a local Sheriff's Office and at nearby Feed and Seed, while simultaneously trying to get on the Fire Department in Phenix City AL.

Let's just say I don't really care for the clientele (and some of my associates) at the Sheriff's Office.

Please forgive the horrible lack of posting. Facebook is my main networking tool currently, but hopefully (now) I'll be able to keep blogging with some regularity. :)

Happy Kwanzaa Ya'll,